“I have now combined my passion for baking with the healing power of cannabis…”

Hello. My name is Sarah – I’m a cannabis activist, human rights advocate, and a craft cannabis producer.


This is my story:

In 2012, I had my fourth child. All seemed well until after I had her which seemed to trigger a mysterious illness that mainstream medicine could not treat; this lasted 3 years.

As my symptoms grew, I couldn’t find an MD who could answer what was the cause since all labs had come back negative. The medications to treat my chest pains and nausea failed and the prescriptions had caused intense drowsiness; the combination of these symptoms made me feel like I was failing in life.

My marriage deteriorated and eventually fell apart. I was in a very low place as I had increased anxiety and fought with depression. I had an insurmountable array of body aches in my legs, hips, pelvis and chest. I was physically and emotionally drained and as a result my family and children suffered. They had to see their mother go to the hospital on numerous occasions; luckily my eldest daughter was my saving grace through all of this by taking great care of me, as well as looking after of her younger siblings when I was in the hospital.

In my desperate search to find a natural remedy and cure for my symptoms I had decided to try cannabis medicine. In doing so I stumbled upon the kindest naturopathic doctor who had many of the answers I was seeking. He never once made me feel bad for asking anything; as many times I was made to feel this way when I was in the hospital. I had found this kick ass naturopath who diagnosed me with hypoglycemia and adrenal fatigue disorder. He put me on a regime of naturopathic prescription supplements and developed an eating plan for me, as this was a struggle with all of the stress and continual nausea. He had fully supported my decision to try cannabis medicine, so I started treating myself with CBD extracts and at times with full plant medicine [with THC and CBD]. After a few weeks of CBD treatment I found exponential relief, I was elated! I was getting my life back.

I found CBD has helped me with my daily aches and pains, in fact some things are gone entirely such as the nausea and throbbing pains in my legs. It has helped me recover from recurrent bouts of inflammation due to stress, great relief from anxiety [as I also suffer from complex PTSD], and my sleep has improved as I’m healing from insomnia.

As of now, I haven’t had to deal with vomiting for over a year, my body feels better, and the anxiety has been minimized; it has been liberating. I’m ever thankful for the tremendous healing I have been experiencing, for this amazing medicinal plant, and the many ways it has brought forth healing.

I have faith that with the informative naturopathic care and cannabis medicine I will recover. The healing continues daily and I’m so grateful for it.

I have now combined my passion for baking with the healing power of cannabis, particularly CBD, to bring you cannabis [and CBD] infused baked goods for your healing. It is my true passion to bring this medicine to you in my baking, and I can truly say each good is baked with love!

I wish you well on your healing journey : )








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